Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cork Board Re-Do

It is starting to look a lot like spring around here! We have been having 50 degree weather, and the bulbs are starting to peek out of the ground. I will most likely have some pictures of flowers as soon as they bloom.When I first started using my mom's camera, flowers were one of the first subjects that I photographed. My mom is really into gardening and we have tons of flower beds around our house. She has a lot of experience in gardening and will be doing some posts on the blog in the near future.

   My sister, Julia has been asking for a new cork board for her room for a little while, since the one she had, didn't match with her decor. We looked around and didn't end up getting anything because usually my mom doesn't just fork over money for stuff we don't really need. And what do you know she came home one day with a sad looking cork board she found on the side of the road. I'll show you the after first because afters are so much better!

Using a boring old board you have around the house will work just fine, it doesn't have to be as ugly as ours! 

With a little TLC my mom knew this old board could be pretty!

She wiped  it down and sanded the frame. Then, chose a black primer because she thought  she would distress it, but after some thought we decided that the distressed look would not go in her room.

The frame got two coats of white paint to completely cover the dark primer. It didn't matter if paint or primer got on the cork because, we covered it in fabric. We cut a piece of fabric slightly bigger than the board, then folded the ends underneath. With a flat screwdriver the material got tucked under the frame.

To make sure the fabric doesn't come out, we stapled the fabric down.

 We added some ribbon and a strip of fabric across the board to give it some interest. You do the same as before and tuck the fabric under the frame with a screwdriver.

For the strip of fabric we hot glued the edges in the back. We made it look like a ribbon, without even sewing it.

We also painted some small clothes pins brown and hot glued those on. They work great for hanging pictures you don't want to ruin with a tack hole.

All you have to do is add some fun stuff to your board and you're done! For the heart garland Julia took some coupons and cut out hearts, then sewed them using the sewing machine.

This craft cost us nothing! We already had all the supplies and of course the free board.

Here's another cork board we did for my room.

And here it is in Julia's room, if you want to see the rest of her room check it out here.
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  1. I would have never thought to do this. I think it is so dang cute. Pinning incase I ever dare attempt it!