Monday, January 13, 2014

Teen Girl Room Re-do

Does anyone remember the teen's room we did last year? Well Julia has been talking about changing the decor in her room, so at Christmas she got a new bedspread. Her bedspread and some of her wall art went to her younger sister, who was happy to get it, and Julia started looking for ideas on decorating her room once more. I'm happy to say she came up with some really cute ideas that we could work with, and we didn't spend very much either! 

 One of the first things she said was that she wanted to lighten the room some. If you remember her walls were a dark brown. I suggested she paint the wall behind her bed a light beige ( I didn't feel like painting the whole room).

 She went downstairs, mixed her own paint color and painted the wall all on her own! I think this brought the much needed light in her room!

 After searching Pintrest, Julia came up with the idea of putting a shelf above her bed. I liked this idea because we could build it and she could change things around easily when she got tiered of things. Making the shelf was pretty easy. We already had a board I had picked up for free, my husband helped attach the molding(which came off of an antique dresser ) and we bought the supports to hang the shelf at Lowe's for about $7. Julia painted it white and her dad helped her hang it up. Then we went searching through our stuff to decorate it. She even made the round topiary herself.

She took some Mason jars and painted them blue then added hydrangeas and grass to them. 

She found this cute basket that wasn't being used in her sister's room, and filled it with some pillows she had made.

Don't you just love the chair in the corner? I found it at a garage sale for $2 this fall and redid it. Julia snatched it up for her room.

The cork board got cleaned up a bit, and a new pallet sign hung above it.

If anyone wants to see how I revamped a cheep laminate shelf check it out here.

Julia re-did her pictures (once baby wall art) one more time. This time she wrapped the matting with burlap and added some scrapbook paper to the inside.

She added some doilies to her lamp shade to freshen it up a bit.

We found most of the pillows at Goodwill (they get them brand new from Target). The Front teal pillow was made by Julia.

I  love that Julia came up with the ideas herself and put them into practice with just a little help! It's also a big plus that we didn't spend a fortune doing it!
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  1. Love all that y'all did!! I think it's pretty cool she painted the mason jars herself instead of just buying some.
    And gosh that chair was a steal! lol, it all comes together very well.
    I really like her room, I've been thinking of redoing my own soon, I'm 17.
    Thanks for sharing, I'm your newest follower. :)

    1. Thanks Molly! As I say, why buy something when you can make it yourself! Good luck on redoing your room :)

  2. Oh my goodness, there are so many cute things in this room! Love the LOVE pallet art and the shuttered "window" mirror.

  3. Well, well, well... there goes Julia again. I need to stop by and see it sometime. I love the idea of the shelf where you can switch things around whenever you want to freshen it up a little. It looks GREAT!

    1. Thanks Dana! You should come see it sometime :)

  4. Oh, this room is so lovely! We'd love if you came and linked up to the Do Tell Tuesday party (live now) to share this fabulous room! Love it to pieces!

  5. I love it--so many wonderful touches! Thanks for linking up!

  6. What a sweet space! Love the idea of the shelf over the bed. Featuring it in this week's Power of Paint Party Spotlight.

  7. I'm sure Julia will love her new room! It's clean, spacious, and colorful. Moreover, she has very cool cabinets and bookshelves. Hehe! I wonder how she looks after seeing the finished project. Great job on the renovation. Adriana! :)

    Leeanne Dyson @ MasterMyList